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План-конспектоткрытого урока

Тема:«Достопримечательности Лондона .Добро пожаловать» (London atrractions. You arewelcome)

Класс: 5

Учитель:Крестикова Е.А.

Цель: Обобщитьи расширить представление учащихся о величайших достопримечательностях Лондонасредствами английского языка.


1.Развивать навыкиустной речи на основе информации о Лондоне.

2.Активизироватьлексические навыки по данной теме.

3.Развивать навыкичтения с целью извлечения информации из текста и практиковать в детальномчтении.

4.Развивать навыкиписьменной речи.

5.Развивать навыкиаудирования.

6.Формироватьпознавательный интерес к стране изучаемого языка.

Оснащение:        УМК  «Spotlight», раздаточныйматериал, видеоматериал, презентация по теме урока.

Ход урока.

1.     Организационныймомент.

1)Приветствиеучителя.( 1 минута)

Good morning,children!  Im glad to see you.Sit down. What date is it today? Who isabsent? Thanks.

2) Проверка готовностиучащихся к уроку.(2 минуты)

Are you ready forthe lesson? Very nice.Its time to start.

3)Постановка проблемы.( 2 минтуы)

There aredifferent pictures on the blackboard (screen). Look and say how would youformulate the topic of our lesson?Can you guess? Right. The topic of our lessonis The  Sights of London.


1)Фонетическаяотработка слов.(2 минуты)

So, Ksusha…comeup  to the blackboard, pronounce the sights and the class will repeat afteryou. (ученицачитает названия достопримечательностей по транскрипции с доски, учащиесяповторяют хором).

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

The Tower ofLondon

The river Thames

The House ofParliament.

Big Ben

Thank you, great.Ksusha, take your seat.

2)  Разминка.( 3 минуты)

Now, I want you toanswer my questions.

1.What do you knowabout London (London is the capital of Great Britain)

2.Is London a cityor a town? (Londonis a city)

3.Is it one of thebiggest cities in the world? Is it beautiful? (Yes, it is)

4.Would you liketogo to London? (Yes,I would)

5.Where is Londonsituated?(It is situated on the river Thames)


3)Проверкадомашнего задания.( 7 минут)

 What was your hometask?( We were to learn information about sights of  London).

While some of you are telling, the rest are listening to them very attentively, because at theend of our lesson we will do the quiz.

(Information aboutBig Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, BuckinghamPalace).

4)Развитие навыков аудирования.(5 минут)

We have learnedusesul information about Londons places of interest.And I suggest you shouldwatch a short video and then do the task.Please, be very attentive.

Now you are to putthe sights  in the order you heard them.(Распечатака)

5)Физкультминутка( 1 минута)

I think its timeto have a rest.

Up down,up down

Which is the wayto London town?

Where, where, upin the air

Close your eyesand you are there.


5)Развитиенавыков письменной речи.( 6 минут)

When we speakabout Londons sights we use different adjectives in the superlative form.Lets revise our material. I give you sheets of paper and you should write justforms of the adjectives and  to explain the rules. Some of you will write onthe blackboard and the others will do it in the exercise books.

The British Mueumis (1) …( large)  national museum.

The NationalHistory Museum has a huge skeleton of one of  (2)…(long) dinosaurs.

221b Baker Street ,the worlds (3)… (famous) address for more than 100 years.

London Zoo is (4)…(old) zoo in the UK.

You can get (5)…(wonderful) view from the London Eye.

Good job. I seeyou understood the grammar.


6)Развитие навыков чтения. ( 10 минут)

Now we will speakabout The London Eye more detailed. Were going to read the text and do sometasks.


7) Контрольусвоенного материала. ( 3 минуты)

Викторина Mini-Quiz.

Do you agree ordisagree?

If you agree raiseA card, if you dont raise D card.

1.London is thecapital of Spain.

2.The London Eyeis the monument in London.

3.Trafalgar Squareis a popular place for tourists.

4.Big Ben is afamous clock.

5.BuckinghamPalace is the home for the Queen.

3.Заключительныйэтап урока.

1) Объяснение домашнего задания. (2минуты)

2)Выставление оценок.( 1 минута)

All of you workedhard today,but there were some minor shortcomings. Your marks for today:

3)Рефлексия(1 минута)

Did you like thelesson?If you liked, please raise your right hand, if you didnt –left hand.


4)Конец урока.( 1 минута)

So, thank you foryour work. And now lets tell  our poem to say good bye.

Raise your hands

Jump up high

Wave your hands

And say good bye!

The lesson isover.Good bye.









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