Интегрированный урок музыки и английского языка The Beatles

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(On the screen there is a photo of The BeatlesAll the participants listen to the song

                  Illfollowthe sun e)

Participant I: The Beatles… Who does not know the names ofJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison? Today this groupis as popular as it was many years ago. Grown up people, teenagers, smallchildren like their music and their songs. They like to listen to them and tosing them. The songs of The Beatles have got beautiful melodies andthe words of the songs are very easy to understand. The group is well known allover the world. Their songs are about love, friendship, nature and aboutpeople. They are about beautiful girls and happy boys. Some of their songs arefull of humour. Today we are going to listen to them. But let us start from the very beginning…

Participant 2: Everything began in Liverpool, one of the British cities,where the group was formed in 1960s, because all the members of the group wereborn there.

(On the screen there are the sights ofLiverpool.)

There are many big cities and small towns in Great Britain.Liverpool is one of them. It is a big industrial city. A lot of different goodsare produced there, but the main industry is coal mining. Liverpool is also a big port and an importantcommercial center. Many ships from  various parts of the world come there every day. In the cityone can see many places of interest:

Off museums, monuments, galleries, parks and squares. Thetown exports a lot of products and imports a great deal of goods.

Participants 3: So the group was formed inLiverpool by John Lennon.

(On thescreen- the portrait ofJohn Lennon).

In 1956 John Lennon, a fifteen year old boy, decided to organize amusical band. They played rock-n-roll and sang country-and-western songs. Butwe think youd like to know more about the founder of the group. Lets take theweekly magazine New Musical Express and find the interview withhim. esc

                             Participants4 & S:            — Hello! What is your name?

 John Lennon.

 Where are youfrom?

 Im fromLiverpool.

 When were youborn?

-On the 9th of October, 1940 at 6.30 in the morning.

 Have you got anybrothers or sisters?

 No, I havent

— What musical instruments do youplay?

  I can play the piano, the guitar andsome other instruments.

068                                                                  -What can you say about your education?

  Secondary school and an art college.- Your hobby?

  Songs, poems, paintings, TV andbeautiful girls.

 Your favouritedish?

 Meat and spicyfood.

 And yourfavourite drinks?

  Whisky and tea.

 What do you likebest of all?

 Blond girls andleather jackets.

 And what dontyou like?

  Stupid people.

 What is yourpersonal aim?

  To become rich and popular — And yourprofessional aim?

  To compose a musical. — Thank you!

Participant 1: The life of John Lennon wasnt long. On the 8th ofDecember, 1980, he was shot by Mark Chapman near his house. Lennon died on theway to the hospital. Lets listen to one of his songs.

(Thesong Yesterday. On the screen — different photos ofJohn Lennon).

Participant 2: All songs of this famous group were composed by Lennon andPaul McCartney. They met on the 6th of July, 1957 in one of the parks ofLiverpool. Paul liked Lennons songs, but he played the guitar better than Johnand he knew a lot of American pop songs. But first lets listen to theinterview with Paul to know more about him.

(On thescreen — the photo ofMcCartney).

                   Participants 6& 7:         — Whats your name?

— My name is Paul McCartney.

What is yournative town?

Its Liverpool.

What is the dateof your birth?

The 18th ofJune,1942.

Do you have anybrothers or sisters?

Ive got abrother, Mike by name.

What instrumentsdo you play?

I play the bass-guitar, drums, piano and banjo.

What about youreducation?

I finishedsecondary school.

What can you sayabout your hobby?

Girls, songs andI like to sleep.

Whats yourfavourite dish?

Roast chicken.

And your favourite drink? — Milk.

What do you like?

Music and TV.

What do you hate?

To shave.

What is yourpersonal aim?

To see my portrait in a popular magazineDandy.

What is yourprofessional aim?

To make our music popular. — Thank you.

Participant3: Now lets listento a song. Its rock-n-roll. Im sure all people understand this wonderfulmusic.

(Thesong Rockn Roll Music. Some girls dance rock n roll).

Atfirst the group travelled around Great Britain. They became more and morepopular and soon they were invited to London, the capital of the UnitedKingdom, to record their songs in the studio in Abby Road. October, 1963 isconsidered to be the birthday of Beatlomania. At that time theygave a concert at London concert hall Palladium. It was a greatsuccess. In November there was a concert at the Royal Theatre. Queen ElizabethIl was present at the concert and she enjoyed it greatly. After the show themembers of the group were introduced to Her Majesty.

(On thescreen there are the sights ofLondon)

Participant7: London, thecapital of Great Britain, lies on the banks of the River Thames. Its one ofthe biggest cities in Europe, It is a big port, a university city and a bigcommercial center. The main parts of it are: the City, the West End, the EastEnd and Westminster. The City is a business part of London, The West End is therichest and the most beautiful part. One can find the finest theaters, parks,squares, museums and cinemas here. Among the most popular museums are the British Museum, theTate Gallery, the National Museum and some others.

The EastEnd is the part of London where working people live.

WestminsterAbbey is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. On its territory onecan see many monuments to outstanding people.

There are a lot of wonderful parks in London, theso-called lungs of the city. They are

Regentspark, St. Jamess park, Hyde Park and many others. In Regents Park there isLondon Zoo, one of the best zoos in the world. As you see London is a verybeautiful city with an eventful history.

Participant2: But lets go onspeaking about the members of the group and get acquainted with GeorgeHarrison.

(On thescreen — the photo of George Harrison).

                       Participants8 & 9:           — What is your name , please?

                     George Harrison.

                     When and wherewere you born?

                     In Liverpool onthe 25th of February, 1943.

                     Is your familylarge or small?

                     Its large. Ivegot a sister, Louise by name and two brothers, — Peter and Harry,

                     What can you sayabout your education?

                     I finishedsecondary school.

                     What is yourhobby?

                     Driving a car,records and girls.

                     Your favouritedish?

                     Chips and muttonchops.

                     Your favouritedrinks? — Tea.

                     What are you fondof?

                     As Ive told youalready I like to drive a car.

                     What dont youlike?

                     To have my haircut.

                     Your personalaim?

                     To make a guitar.

— And your professional aim?

                     To make thedreams of The Beatles come true.

Participant3: And here comesthe song. It is devoted to the girl, Michelle by name. Its a French name and some words of thesong are in French too. Its a song about love.

(The songMichelle On the screen — different pictures of The Beatles.)

Participant2: Now we shall giveyou some information about the fourth member of the group Ringo Starr. Pleaselisten to an interview with him.

Participants 9 & 10:        — What is your real name? — Richard Starkey.

                     Your home town? -Liverpool.

                     Whats the dateof your birth?

                     The 7th ofJuly,1940.

— What can you say about your family?

                     Its very small.Im the only child in the family.

                     What instrumentsdo you play?

                     Drums and guitar.

— What education did you get?

                     Secondary schooland a technical college.

                     Your hobby?

                     To watchwesterns, to sleep and to drive a car.

— Your favourite dish?


— Your favourite drink?


                     What do you like?

                     Race cars.

                     What dont youlike?

                     Onions and DonaldDuck.

                     Your personalaim?

                     To become happy, — Your professional aim? — To reachthe top.

Participant1: One more song foryou. Its Cant buy me love. This song was a real anthem ofyoung people of the 70s

(Thesong Can t buy me love

Participant2: Now Id like toshow some albums of the group, which are very popular. Some of them are on thestand. Have a look at them. They are Please, please me, Withthe Beatles, A Hard Days Night, Beatles for Sale,Help, Rubber Soul, Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,White Album, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road,Let it Be, Magical Mystery Tour and some others.

Now we shall listen to the songs Girl andLet it Be. Our pupil will sing them for you.

(One ofthe pupils plays the guitar and sings the songs),

Itstime to say goodbye to you. We hope that you had a good time. Thank you forbeing with us.

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