Конспект урока английского языка, 9 класс, Module 6a, Lending a helping hand

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Конспект урока «Протяни рукупомощи», Spotlight 9, Unit 6a


ФИО: ГашковаМария Михайловна

Дата: 03.03.2023

Тема: “Lending ahelping hand”

Практическая цель: формирование лексическогонавыка говорения



Речь учителя

Речь ученика




Good morning, students!

I am glad to see you!

How are you today?

That’s good. Take your seats and let’s start our English lesson.

Good morning, teacher!

Glad to see you too!

We are okay!



Определение темы и цели урока

At the beginning, please, answer some questions and guess the topic of our today’s lesson.

Do you like to help each other?


How often does it happen?



Do you give your hand only when somebody asks you about it?

(отвечая на вопросы, учащиеся пытаются правильно сформулировать тему урока)


What do you think, what is the topic of the lesson today?


Yes, you are right! The topic of our today’s lesson is «Lending a helping hand».

What will we do today at the lesson? 





You’re quite right. We’ll do lots of different things.

We will:

— learn the new words and phrases,

— make up sentences,

— read a very interesting text,

— do different tasks,

— discuss the topic of the lesson, and even play.

I hope the lesson will bring you positive emotions and you’ll work hard enough to get good marks. It’s time to start!



Yes, I do / No, I don’t.


It happens quite often. / I rarely help people. / I always help people.


No, I don’t. Sometimes I just help people when I see that they need my help.  / Yes, I do. I help people only when they ask me.


We will talk about helping other people.




We will talk about people who help other people. / We will discuss the topic of the lesson. / We will read an interesting text. / We will do different tasks.






Основная часть урока

1.Работа с лексикой по теме урока

Open your books on page 90 and look at the exercise 1.

First, lets work with the words you may need to complete this exercise. Read the words from your lists one by one and try to match the word with its translation.


Task: Look at the pictures. Which of the following can you see?

— people helping out at an animal shelter

— a woman visiting a senior citizen

— a woman helping a disabled senior citizen

— children planting trees

— people helping to clean up a pond

— a person working with children

red cross giving supplies to victims of an earthquake

(Учащиеся вместе с учителем изучают предложенные тематические выражения и вспоминают лексику по теме «Общественная работа и благотворительность», а затем ученики, рассматривая картинки, составляют предложения по образцу → e.g.: Picture «c» shows a woman helping a senior citizen)



Have you ever done any of these things? If not, which one would you like to do? Why? 






Why do you think it is so important to help others? 



Pupils read words and match them.











Picture A shows a woman helping a disabled senior cirizen.

Picture B shows a man visiting senior citizens.

Picture C shows people giving supplies to victims of an earthauake.

Picture D shows people planting trees.



Yes, I do. Once I plant trees with my friends.

No, I don’t. But I would like to help senior citizen, because it is very important to help people in this kind of situation.


Because sometimes people get into difficult situations that they can’t handle on their own. They feel bad, they may even become depressed.



2.Развитие навыков ознакомительного чтения.

Thank you for your answers. Now look at the text on pages 90-91, read its title, look at the picture to it and think what it is about. 


OK. While reading the text make a list of all the animals mentioned in it.

It’s time to play a little bit. Please, do the crossword in pairs.


It was fun, wasn’t it?

And now let’s do one more serious task. It is the exercise 5, page 91. Do it in your exercise-books. I give you 3 minutes to do this task, than we will check it.


(учащиеся, пользуясь текстом, вписывают необходимые слова в предложенные словосочетания)






Well done!


I think this text is about people who help each other.



Cats, dogs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, lama, pony, Guinea pig




Yes, it was.


1. animal shelter

2. natural choice

3. staff members

4. answer phone calls

5. take care of

6. burst into tears

7. make a full recovery

8. foster home

9. charity event

10. senior citizen





3.Развитие умения прогнозирующего чтения

Read the text again and match the headings to the paragraphs given in exercise 3. There is one you do not need to use. Prove your choice.




4.Практика в составлении вопросительных предложений, развитие умений монологической речи.

Well done. And now I’ve got the serious game. You’ll have to ask questions based on the text that you have already read twice today. Write your questions in your worksheets. But at first, let’s revise some grammar rules. 



Okey, very good, now you may start the task.


Now you are to ask your questions and your opponents will answer them.


I think it’s enough. Thank you for your questions and answers.


What have you known about volunteer work today? 

Ученики вместе с учителем повторяют типы вопросительных предложений и порядок слов в них; класс делится на две команды.



Выполняют задание в группах.


Команды задают друг другу по 3 вопроса.




It is really important to work as a volunteer.

You can meet a lot of interesting people there and etc.



Подведение итогов урока

It’s high time to sum up the lesson.

Did you like it? What have you known today?



Yes, I do!

I enjoyed the game with questions. I enjoyed the topic of the lesson.




Домашнее задание

Your hometask is to learn the new vocabulary and to do exercise 6 on page 91 (fill in the gaps with the verbs below in the correct form). 

Your marks are….

The lesson is over. Have a nice day and good-bye! 





Thank you for the lesson! Good-bye!










an animal shelter


a senior citizen


disabled people

«Красный крест»

red cross



приют для животных

a victim

люди с ограниченными возможностями

an earthquake




1.   _____________________________________


2.   _____________________________________


3.   _____________________________________














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