Контрольная работа по модулю 7

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Spotlight7. Test 7

1.      Completethe sentences with types of films.

1)      Thefilm was billed as a romantic ____________.

2)      That_________ film we saw last night scared the living daylights out of me.

3)      The__________ fiction film had some marvelous special effects.

4)      Another_______film, Prince of Persia, comes from a popular video game.

5)      Haveyou seen the _________ film Pocahontas?

2.      Matchthe words to form collocations.

1)      beautiful

2)      comedian

3)      film

4)      music

5)      musical

a)      instruments

b)      woman

c)      industry

d)      actor

e)      charts


3.      Writethe synonyms of the following words.

1)      talented-s_____

2)      beautiful-p______

3)      well-known-f______

4)      real-t­­­____

4.      Completewith the comparative or superlative form.

1)      Tomy mind Ann is________ (talented) than Jane.

2)      Andreyis ________(good) at Maths than Sasha.

3)      GiseleBundchen is__________ (beautiful) model in the world.

4)      Mymark is _________(bad) in the whole class.

5.      Completethe sentence with Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1)   He ____ (open) just the window.

2)   She_____ (be) in Spain last week.

3)   This is the best film I ever______ (see).

4)   We________ (visit) our granny two days ago.

5)   I ________(live) there for a long time.

6. Complete with: always,ago,yet,for,since.

1)      Hehasn’t read the book ______.

2)      Ihaven’t seen him ______ five days.

3)      Imet her some days _____

4)      Theyhave lived here ______ early childhood.

5)      She______loveshorror films.

7. Put the sentences in the right order to form a dialogue.










A.     It’s fine, thank you.

B.      I’d love to.

C.      Hello, Jane! I haven’t seen you for ages.

D.     Yes, it is. What a nice day!

E.      How are you doing?

F.      Let’s go for a walk?

G.     The weather is good today, isn’t it?

H.     Hi, Ben! Nice to see you!

I.        I’m doing great! What about you?




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