Модульная контрольная работа №8 по английскому языку для 6 класса

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ModularTest 8


1.     Choosethe correct modal verb (must/have to/should)

1.Youmust/should drive on the left!

2.You must/haveto wear a seatbelt at all times in the car.

3.You mustn’t/don’thave to pay to visit most museums and art galleries. Entrance is usuallyfree.

4.If you want toask someone a question in the street, you must/should say “Excuse me!”to attract their attention.

5.I haveto/must stay in bed today. I don’t feel well.


2.    Makeadjectives to comparatives and superlatives


1.I think tennisis (exciting) golf to watch on TV.

2.In the UKcoaches are (cheap) then the train.

3.Do the Britishwork (hard) the Americans?

4.Today is (hot)day of the year.

5.Paulo is(intelligent) student in my class.

6.My mother drives(slowly) my father.

7.This is (bed)restaurant I’ve ever been to.

8.It was (boring)journey I can remember.

9.My brother is abit (tall) I.

10.She’s wearing(short) skirt than you.


3.    Translateinto English



2.мусорное ведро

3.входной билет

4.дата истечениясрока службы

5.бронироватьтеатральные билеты
















3.don’t have to


5.have to



1.more excitingthan

2.cheaper than

3.harder than

4.the hottest

5.the mostintelligent

6.more slowly

7.the worst

8.the most boring

9.taller than

10.shorter than



1.swimming pool

2.rubbish bin

3.entrence ticket

4.expiry date

5.to book theatretickets



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