Ролевая игра для старшеклассников на уроке английского языка Help — line

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Результаты анкетирования ежегоднопоказывают, что ролевые игры вызывают наибольший интерес учащихся.

Разработка ролевой игры длястаршеклассников:




   The class is divided into two groups –teenagers and psychologists, who sit in two lines facing each other. Teenagersare given role cards where their problems are described. They needpsychological help. So one by one each teenager should dial the number of the«Help-line» (you can bring a couple of telephones in class) and explain his orher problem to a psychologist sitting in front. The psychologist’s task is todiscuss the problem with the teenager and give some advice. If the teenager isnot satisfied with it, he/she can try again and talk to another psychologist.To make it more interesting a teacher or one of the pupils can role a play atelephone operator who will connect teenagers with psychologists.(Psychologists can place cards with the number of their line in front of them).


Role cards:


1.      I’m 17 and my problem seems to bevery common. The thing is I’m getting fat and that makes me feel desperate. Itried every diet I could lay hands on, but the more food-conscious I become,the worse the results are.  I’m constantly thinking of food, it’s looking likean obsession.

         What would you recommend?

2.      I’m 15. My problem is that I’m inlove with a boy who dates my best friend Lena. I told neither of them about myfeelings, but I guess Alex knows everything. A few days ago he invited me tothe cinema. I refused and then cried all night. I do love him and want to goout with him, but I don’t want to be a traitor towards Lena!

         What shall I do?

3.      I’m 16 and I’ve made a veryimportant discovery: love, or rather, eternal love does not exist! It can’t bethe same, say, now and 10 years later. It turns into a habit or pretence. Ifso, why should people marry and deceive each other? I’ve resolved not to. Ihate pretence. My Mom doesn’t understand. She says she loves Dad but I see themquarrel every now and then about trifles!

         Is it love?

4.      I’m 15. I was always at the top ofthe class in maths and I was very proud of that. My teacher used to say I waslikely to win the competition for the best mathematician at school. But lastmonth my test results became worse. I tried hard to improve the situation, butthe results of the last test were even worse.  I’m worried. I can’t understandwhat is going on. I don’t know what to do.

         What could you advise?

5.      I’m 16. I always used to haveenough pocket money to take my girl0friend to the cinema, cafes, and discoes.But a month ago my father told me I would get half the usual sum because of myslow progress at school. I’m in despair! I can’t earn money yet, and mygirl-friend is used to going out every week.

6.      I’m 14 and I’m unhappier girl inthe world. My mother doesn’t allow me to use make-up or even wear lipstick. Sheis so old-fashioned! How can’t she understand that I want to be attractive?!Boys even notice me. And it’s high time for a girl to have a boy-friend. Everygirl in my class has one.

         What could you recommend?

7.      I’m 17 and I feel lonely in thisworld. I’m very fond of poetry. I read a lot and I write poems myself. They areabout what I feel and how I see this world and people in it. Once I tried toread my poems to my classmates, but they laughed at me and advised to change myhobby. But it’s not a hobby! It’s my whole life!

        How can I make people understandit?!

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