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Практическое занятие по теме:Ведение бизнеса в Великобритании.

Цель: формирование навыковглобального и селективного понимания текста и его преобразования в диалог.

Textfor Detailed Understanding

Ex. 1.1) Read aloud the following words and word combinations paying attention totheir meaning. 2) Translate the text. 3) Give it a title. 4) Name the mainpoints of its content.


1.     hard-working – трудолюбивый

2.     ambitious – целеустремленный

3.     give benefits – приносить выгоду

4.     skill – навык, мастерство

5.     communicate — общаться

6.     effectively – эффективно

7.     patience – терпение

8.     achieve your goals – достигать свои цели

9.     take responsibility – нести ответственность

10. action – действие

11. limited liability company – компания с ограниченной ответственностью

12. legal entity – юридическое лицо

13. initial – первоначальный

14. appointment – назначение (на должность)

15. to reimburse its debts – возместить долги

16. the company register – реестр компаний

17. to possess – владеть

18. an innovative mindset –современный образ мышления

19. stronge spirit – сильный боевой дух

20. corporate culture – культура отношений в компании; культура поведения в компании

21. to manage people with respect – управлять людьми с уважением

22. HR-manager (human resources manager) – специалист по подбору персонал

23. hallmark – отличительная черта

24. to be in place – быть принятым

25. R&D (research and development) – научно-исследовательские работы

26. marketable – пользующийся спросом

27. decent working conditions – достойные условия труда

28. up-to-date – современная, идущая в ногу со временем

29. support and recognition (от to recognize) – поддержка и признание

30. performance – работа

31. equitable benefits – законный соц. пакет

32. health insurance – мед. страховка

33. unemployment – безработица

34. sick leave – больничный

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35. direct supervisor – непосредственный начальник

36. competitive salary – конкурентоспособная заработная плата

37. regular merit increases – регулярное повышение по службе


If you want to have your own successfulbusiness in Great Britain, you should be hard-working, ambitious,self-disciplined, self-organized, you should have good knowledge of economics,many professional skills, should know how to communicate effectively withdifferent types of people. Running your own business can give you a lot ofbenefits. You also need a lot of patience in order to achieve your goals. Andyou should be strong enough to take responsibility for your actions and thesuccess of your team.

If a person wishes to launch a newbusiness, the person has to select its legal form. Thelimited liability company is a legal entity. Incase of a bankruptcy it has to reimburse its debts with all its assets. That’swhy the majority of businessmen prefer to set up the limited liabilitycompanies. The second step is the preparation of certain documents. The thirdstep includes initial investments and the appointment of a director. Every newbusiness has to be registered with the official company register.

Business should mainly make a profit.However, the founders sometimes don’t have enough experience and make manymistakes. This leads to losses instead of profit. As every government requiresdetailed information on the company’s performance and collects taxes, allfinancial information of the company must be kept in the financial reports.

What makes an organization successful?First of all, the company must possess an innovative mindset, strong spiritwithin its organization, good relationships and a corporate culture that bringsout the most talented people. Managing people with respect, from the time theyare being interviewed by HR manager is the hallmark of a good company. Certainly,many functional criteria need to be in place for business success such asmarketable products, R&D, effective production, competitive salaries,decent working conditions for employees, etc.

Here are a few examples that must help tobuild a strong, up-to-date organization. New employees are given a reasonableperiod for orientation. Employees receive equitable benefits, such as healthand unemployment insurance, vacation, and sick leave. Employees receive supportand recognition from their supervisors for good performance. Fair, competitivewages and regular merit increases are provided. All employees have a clearchain of command in which they answer to their direct supervisors, withoutinterference from higher level management.

Ex.2.Generalization Skills. Compose an outline of the text content in English. Usethe key words from each paragraph. Formulate in one sentence the main idea ofeach part.

Ex.3. Give English equivalents for the following Russianword combinations:

1. ведение бизнеса, 2. давать многопреимуществ, 3. достигать своих целей, 4. брать на себя ответственность запоступки и успех дела, 5. выбрать правовую форму, 6. юридическое лицо, 7.компания с ограниченной ответственностью, 8. приносить прибыль, 9. управлятьлюдьми с уважением, 10. достойные условия труда, 11. конкурентоспособнаязаработная плата, 12. регулярное повышение по службе, 13. получать поддержку ипризнание, 14. «визитнаякарточка»компании.

Ex.4.Discussion Skills. Say if it is a) true, b) false, c) a well-known fact notmentioned in the text or d) there is no information about it. Give yourarguments. Refer to the text or your life experience.

1. As a rule, businessmen are ambitious, competent,communicable, hard-working, patient people. 2. Every successful businessmanmust have deep knowledge of accounting. 3. In order to avoid losses one mustregularly pay taxes and keep all financial information in the financialreports. 4. To have a successful business one should be respectable andenterprising. 5. In successful companies, good performance of employees issupported and recognized by the HR-manager. 6. To launch a new business he orshe has to take two preparatory steps.7. Some new employees are given a longperiod of orientation. 8. Decent working conditions for employees andmarketable products are the hallmark of a good company. 9. Today youngprofessional people are looking for a job only in the companies that can offera competitive salary. 10. Up-to-date organizations provideequitable benefits, such as health and unemployment insurance, vacation, andsick leave. 11. It may happen that the business will not make a profit. 12.Sole proprietors or partners are also a legal entity.

Ex. 5.Restore the word combinations by matching the compatible concepts according tothe text.

    1)     to receive

a)         and development

    2)     direct

b)        reports

    3)     health and unemployment

c)         and recognition

    4)     the financial

d)        supervisors

    5)     effective production and

e)         conditions

    6)     support

f)         insurance

    7)     the preparation

g)        of certain documents

    8)     decent working

h)        limited liability companies

    9)     to set up the

i)          marketable products

10)     research

j)          equitable benefits


Ex. 6.Compose a dialogue between a director of a successful company and a journalistabout running business. Use expressions out of the text.

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