Government intervention

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21 Shares in both banks jumped 17% ten days before confirmation of their merger, which … an insider trading inquiry being opened.

resulted to

result of

Led to

led in


22 When a company works at cleaning up a polluted water source in a community they are doing something for the ….

social unrest

social housing

social affect

Social good


23 Running … events may not bring profits to the company but they can have social value.



social unrest

social needs


24 Narrow money is cash and the forms of money that can most easily be turned into cash, for example money balances which are easily … to finance day-to-day spending.






25 A supply of something that is more than needed, caused by producing too much of it, is called … in economics.








1 The minister will have his press officer … the news tomorrow.

— being announced

— to announce

— announced



2 The policy will provide insurance … your vehicle.

— on damage of

— off damage to

— against damage of

against damage to


3 The earlier you detect a problem, ….

— the more easier it is to cure

the easier it is to cure

— the easier is it to cure

— the easy is it cure


4 More detailed … are necessary before a logical decision can be reached.

— criterion


— criterium

— criterions


5 Doctors … are the first to admit the treatment has side effects.

— themself


— itself

— ourselves


6 We have checked the wiring and the aerial so the problem maybe the television ….

— themselves


— one

— ones


7 One … is that the victim fell asleep while driving.

— hypotheses


— hypothesa

— hypothesy


8 The report is intended … of the findings of our recent survey on smoking.

— give a brief summary

to give a brief summary

— giving a brief summary

— given a brief summary


9 Levels of ozone … by annual variations in the weather.

— strongly are influencing

are strongly influenced

— influenced strongly

— strongly influences


 10 A recent survey revealed that 61% of those interviewed believe that tobacco advertising ….

— should ban

— should be banning

should be banned

— ought be banned


11 We hope that the books will provide a ….

— stimuli for discussion

stimulus for discussion

— stimula for discussion

— stimulas for discussion


12 I can’t imagine where we can put such ….

— a large furniture

a large piece of furniture

— large furnitures

— large piece of furnitures


13 You’re not the only one who didn’t hear the news. I didn’t ….

— neither

— also

— two



14 My solicitor has advised … take legal action.

— to me to not

me not to

— to me not to

— me against to


15 … about something or other. I am tired of it.

— He’s always complain

He’s always complaining

— He always complains

— He always complain


16 The article will be of interest to students and … in the education field.


— another

— other

— anothers


17 The exam wasn’t … like as hard as I expected.

— something


— nothing

— somewhere


18 The book should be returned no … than next Friday.

— more lately


— late

— latest


19 Some landowners refuse … permission on their land.

— use

to use

— using

— being used


20 Thank you for … to your employees.

letting me talk

— letting me talking

— your letting me to talk

— letting me to talk


21 They objected … Managing Director.

to his being appointed

— against his appointment

— to his been appointed as

— against his having appointed

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• He had to ask the headmaster for…,…? 

a little farther information, hadn’t he

any further information, did he

some farther information, had he not

Further information, didn’t he


•  I hear your employer … work for you, …?     

has got rather interesting … hasn’t he got

has rather interesting … doesn’t he

has rather an interesting … does not he

‘s got a rather interesting … has not he


•  Im not going to support his idea! -…      

Will you not? I shall not too.

Are not you? Neither am I.

Arent you? I am.

Are you? I am not.


•  She is not very knowledgeable. — ….     

Is she?

Yes, she isnt.

Yes, she is.

No, she is.


•  The executive committee …?        

is everybody in favour of the proposal, arent they

is the whole in favour of the proposal, is not it

are everyone of them in favour of the proposal, are they

Are all in favour of the proposal, arent they


•  This query can rarely be answered without …?

some one elses help, can this

anyones help, cant it

Anybody elses help, can it

somebodys else help, can this


•  Please, set this synopsis …?

careful, will you not

Very carefully, will you

as quickly as possible, shall you

in block style, don’t you


8 Passengers are requested to remain seated until the aircraft … to a complete stop.


— does not come

— will come

— has came


9 By next Friday… for my exam results for over two months.

— I’ll wait

— I’ll be waited

I’ll have been waiting

— I’ll have waiting


10 …, he can get a discount on rail travel.

— Be a student

— To be a student

Being a student

— To be student


11 A snowstorm that covered the motorway … in their cars.

— trap dozens of drivers

— trapped dozens drivers

trapping dozens of drivers

— traps dozens of drivers


12 To activate your card you must use the new PIN number … by recorded delivery.

— whom we sent

— what we send

which we sent

— whose we sent


13 Transglobe Airlines regrets … the cancellation of today’s service to Istanbul due to air traffic restrictions.

— announcing

— announce

— announced

to announce


14 “May I mention the recent article in Scientific American? “ “Yes, is this the one ….

— to which Adam contribute?

— which to Adam contributed?

— which Adam contributes in?

to which Adam contributed?


23 Karen has … of history.

a good knowledges

a good know-all

a good know-how

A good knowledge


24 William came late … an accident.

due of

Because of

in spite



25 Andrew behaves ….


in friendly means

in friendly manner

In a friendly way


26 There is not enough … between our two countries.






27 There are over forty different courses ….

To choose from

to pick between

to choose between

to select in


28 I took camera back to the shop and changed it ….

with another one

for other one

with other ones

For another one


29 The driver did not … me to get on the bus.






30 These figures do not take … of changes in the rate of inflation.






31 There have been questions about the … of the report.






32 I’ll phone you … in five minutes.






33 Any organisation … before they … the meeting.

generally sends the Annual Report to them … will come to

as usually sends them the Director’s Report … arrive to

generally sends them some financial reports … come to

sends to them the Annual Report as usual … attend


34 Our staff … charges to an account without production of this card.

are not permitted issuing room keys or making

do not advise to issue the keys of the rooms or add

forbid to issue keys to the rooms or make

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