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Проектучебного занятия по учебному предмету «Иностранный язык (Английский)»



Составитель: КотловаВера Сергеевна

Должность: преподаватель



развитие коммуникативнойкомпетенции учащихся на основе изученных лексических единиц, речевых клише играмматических структур по теме «Hobbies

развитие информационной компетенцииучащихся путем использования дополнительных информационных источников с цельюполучения необходимых данных для выполнения заданий по теме «Hobbies

развитие учебно-познавательнойкомпетенции наряду с навыками самооценки и самопроверки при работе саутентичным текстом.

Тип занятия: уроксообщения новых знаний

Вид занятия: практическоезанятие

Методы (приемы) обучения:

1.  устный (проведение фронтальногоопроса с целью организации текущего контроля)

2.  наглядный (работа с изображениямис целью восприятия информации в распространенных коммуникативных ситуациях)

3. практический (выполнениеупражнений для закрепления пройденного материала)

Учебно-методическоеобеспечение занятия:

Технические средства обучения: компьютер

Наглядные пособия: раздаточныйматериал с текстом, с изображениями. 

Припланировании занятия учтены  все структурные элементы и этапы:

1) Организационный этап;

2)Проверка домашнего задания;

3) Фонетическая зарядка;

4) Постановка цели и задач урока;

5) Фонетическая зарядка (работа сновыми лексическими единицами)

6) Первичное усвоение новых знаний;

7) Первичная проверка понимания;

8) Первичное закрепление;

9) Информация о домашнем задании,инструктаж по его выполнению.

10) Рефлексия (подведение итоговзанятия, выставление отметок).


Good afternoon, students! I hope you are all feeling nice.

Let me see ifeveryone is here. Are you all here today?

 We arebeginning our lesson. How did you get on with your homework? Did you find itdifficult?

I am glad tosee that everyone has done the homework well today. I am going to take yourexercise books at the end of the lesson for checking your homework.

I’ll mark them andgive them back next time.

All right,guys, let’s get down to work.

 Today wewill be talking about «Hobbies».

How do youspend free time?

What isyour hobby?

How haveyou chosen your hobby?

Are thereany hobbies you would like to try?

Whichhobbies do you think are the most difficult?

Let’s get down to exercises.

Ex.1 Put the verbs inthe correct form. Readand translate the sentences.

Ahobby is what a person (to like) to do in his or her spare time. Hobbies(to differ) like tastes. Your hobby (to make) your life more interesting. Themost popular hobby (to be) doing things. It (to include) a wide variety ofactivities from gardening to travelling, from chess to volleyball. Bothgrown-ups and children (to be fond) of playing different computer games. Thishobby (to become) more and more popular every year. Making things (to include)drawing, painting, handicrafts. Many people (to collect) something – coins,stamps, compact discs, toys, books.

Let’s see ifyou’ve done.

Work inmini-groups and  group activities under the following headings: hobbies which are more suitable for men, for women and for both:

playing chess, mountainclimbing, astrology, reading , model trains collecting, animal communication,playing football, knitting, horse riding, photography, yoga, parachuting,riding motorbikes, cooking, exploring volcanoes and underwater caves, sewing,travelling, dancing, fishing, computers, fashion, windsurfing, playing thepiano, aerobics in the water, collecting postcards, diving.

for men

for women

for both










Compare the result and check if your groupmates knowthe words from the box.


Let’s move on to the next exercise. Now everybody worksindividually. The exercise is to be done in written form.

Ex. 2.  Listen to the text and try to guess what hobbies are described.

1. This hobby is popular among the people of all ages.People like to go to the stadium or to the sport ground. They are strong andcheerful. Their hobby helps them to develop their mind and body and teachesthem to plan their time 

2. This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to findor buy different things such as stamps, badges, coins, pictures, dolls and etc.their collections can be thematic. This hobby helps people to make new friendsand to learn some new things about countries and lands, animals and birds,famous people and historical events. 

3. People like to make new dishes. They often cook for thefamily and for their friends. They can present the food nicely and lay thetable beautifully. They use spices (vinegar, oil, pepper, etc.) they can boilor fry meat, fish, chicken and make souses and deserts. 

4. People like to go to the library. Some of them have agood collection of books at home. And they are really proud of it. They canhave different books: fiction, historical novels, books about differentcountries. Their hobby helps then to relax, to learn the world and understandother people better. 

Let’s see if you’ve done. Let’s move on to thenext exercise.

Ex. 3. Matсh eaсh aсtivity (a-h) with a plaсe (1-8).

a)Sunbathing and wеaring swimming соstumеs.

b)Watсhing еlеphants danсing.

с)Doing kеep fit еxеrсisеs.

d)Crossing thе finishing linе.

е)Taking a dog for a walk.

f)Cеlеbrating somеonе`s biгthday.

g)Riding a ghost train or a big whееl

h)Speaking сlearly so thе audiеnсе сan hеar


1a stagе

2a running traсk

3a party

4a funfair

5a сirсus

6a park

7a gym

 8a bеaсh

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 Let’s move on to the next exercise.

Ex4. Pronounce the words in the box below. Translate them. Fill in the gaps withthe words in the box. Translate the text.
















Любитель (не профессионал)


Единичный случай

2)Read and translate the text.  Translate the expressions in italic.

hobby isconsidered to be a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typicallyduring ones leisure time. Hobbiesinclude collecting themeditems and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuingother amusements. Participation in hobbies encourages acquiring substantialskills and knowledge in that area. A list of hobbies changeswith renewed interests and developing fashions, making it diverse and lengthy.Hobbies tend to follow trends in society, for example stamp collecting waspopular during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as postal systems werethe main means of communication, while video games aremore popular nowadays following technological advances. The advancingproduction and technology of the nineteenth century provided workers with moreleisure time to engage in hobbies. Because of this, the efforts of peopleinvesting in hobbies has increased with time.

Hobbyistsmay be identified under three sub-categories: casual leisure whichis intrinsically rewarding, short-lived, pleasurable activity requiring littleor no preparation, serious leisure which is the systematicpursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer that is substantial, rewardingand results in a sense of accomplishment, and finally project-basedleisure which is a short-term, often one-off, project that isrewarding.

3)Fill in the table with the activities under the following headings.

casual leisure 

serious leisure 

project-based leisure 











Let’s see if you’ve understood. Is everythingclear?

 Good for you. You seem to haveunderstood the topic very well.

Forthe last thing today, let’s do thefollowing exercise.

Ex 5.  Describe the picture.Name the occupations. What are the advantages and disadvantages of thesehobbies.



I’m afraid it’s time to finishnow.

Collectyour copybooks please.

I’llmark them and give them back next time.

For your homework you are to do the next task.

Ex6. Deсidewhiсh answer (A, B, C or D) best fits eaсh spaсe.


Whatkind of musiс do you (1) ______ ? Some peoplе likе going to (2)_______

сonсеrts,and listening to (3)_____ . The (a) _____wеar vеry formal сlothеs,

andthе (5) ______is silеnt until thе end of thе (6) _______. Perhaps you`rе a

roсkmusiс (7) ______ Roсk сonсеrts arе oftеn hеld at football (8) _______or in

parks.(9) ________of thе audienсе danсе to the musiс, or sing thе songs.

(10)________musiсis (11) _____at wеddings and partiеs in many сountries, and

somеpеople (12)______their own musiс at homе. Nowadays wе (13)_______

musiсin shоps and lifts, and many pеople (14) _______thеir own musiс with

thеm,or еvеn (15)_______to musiс when thеy study. Musiс is еvеrywhеrе!

1.A) listеn B) еnjoy С) havе D) prеfеrring

2.A) сlassiс B) сlassiсs C) сlassiсal D) сlassifiеd

3.A) a group B) an orсhestra C) a band D) a rесord

4.A) musiсians B) aсtors C) musiсals D) instrumеnts

5.A) spесtators B) pеople C) guеsts D) audiеnсе

6.A) happеning B) aсtion С) musiс D) pеrformanсе

7.А) fan B) enthusiasm С) rеadеr D) friеnd

8.A) matсhеs B) stadiums C) pitсhеs D) pools

9.A) Меmbеrs B) Seleсtions C) Pеrsons D) Тhosе

10.A) Historiсal B) Nation C) Тraditional D) Anсiеnt

11.A) aсted B) formеd C) donе D) playеd

12.А) do B) gеt C) makе D) takе

13.A) listеn B) hеar C) pеrform D) undеrstand

14.A) сarry B) wеar C) lift D) play

15.A) hеar B) havе C) follow D) listen

Thank you forattention. Have a nice day! Byebye!


Литература и используемые электронные источники

Planet of English,Английский язык для учреждений СПО, Безкоровайная Г.Т., Соколова Н.И., 2017;

Michael Vince with Paul Emmerson, Macmillan,2003;



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