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  • Literature:

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    Literature: Daniel Defoe
    Match the words (a – d) to the pictures (1-4). Have you ever taken any of these medicines? What for?
    a) syrup
    b) capsules
    c) tablets
    d) herbal remedies

  • Look

    2 слайд

    Look at the picture. What does it show? Do you know which book it illustrates? Read the biography and check.

  • Daniel

    3 слайд

    Daniel Defoe (1660- 1731),
    an English novelist and journalist,
    is most famous as the author
    of Robinson Crusoe (1719),
    a story of a man ship-
    wrecked alone on an island.
    Among his other works are
    Moll Flanders (1722), A Journal
    of the Plague Year (1722) and Captain Jack (1722). His last great work is fiction, Roxana, appeared in 1724.Defoe went into politics and trade and travelled all over the Europe. In 1684 he married Mary Tuffley; they had two sons and five daughters.

  • Read

    4 слайд

    Read the first sentence in each paragraph. What is the text about? Listen, read and check.

    June 28. When I woke up
    after sleeping almost for
    two days, I felt quite re-
    freshed so I got up and
    decided to prepare my-
    self for the night ahead.
    The first thing I did was
    to fill a large bottle with
    water, and put it on the
    table, next to my bed; then I grilled some of the meat on the coals, but I only ate a little bit.

  • I

    5 слайд

    I walked about, but was still very weak, and felt miserable about my sickness. At night I had three of the turtle’s eggs, which I roasted in the ashes for supper.

  • After

    6 слайд

    After supper I tried to walk, but I felt so weak that I could hardly carry the gun ( I never went out without that). So walked a short distance and down on the ground, looking out to the smooth and calm sea in front of me. As I sat here, I though about my life so far.

  • Not

    7 слайд

    Not feeling sleepy, I decide
    to go back to my hut
    and take some medicine
    from green leaves and
    rum. I took some and
    went to bed. I must
    have been sleeping all
    the next day and the
    day after because when
    I woke up I felt
    refreshed, lively and cheerful. And when I got up, I was stronger than I was the day before, and I knew my stomach was better because I was hungry.

  • Say

    8 слайд

    Say a word: woke up, refreshed, grilled, weak, miserable, roasted, smooth and calm, walk a short distance, cheerful, my stomach. Your partner tries to remember a sentence from the text including the word.
    A: woke up
    B: I woke up after sleeping for two days.
    A: I felt quite refreshed.

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Поделиться статьей(Выдержка из Чемпионата Днепропетровской области по «Что? Где? Когда?» среди юношей (09.11.2008) Редакторы: Оксана Балазанова, Александр Чижов) [Указания ведущим:

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Поделиться статьейЛитейные дефекты — понятие относительное. Строго говоря, де­фект отливки следует рассматривать лишь как отступление от заданных требований. Например, одни

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Введение. Псковская Судная грамота – крупнейший памятник феодального права эпохи феодальной раздробленности на Руси

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Поделиться статьей1. Псковская Судная грамота – крупнейший памятник феодального права эпохи феодальной раздробленности на Руси. Специфика периода феодальной раздробленности –

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Нравственные проблемы современной биологии

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Семейство Первоцветные — Primulaceae

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Поделиться статьейВключает 30 родов, около 1000 видов. Распространение: горные и умеренные области Северного полушария . многие виды произрастают в горах

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Вопрос 1. Понятие цены, функции и виды. Порядок ценообразования

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Поделиться статьейЦенообразование является важнейшим рычагом экономического управления. Цена как экономическая категория отражает общественно необходимые затраты на производство и реализацию туристского

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