Read the text and choose the correct answer.

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Complete the sentences with the correct words derived from the words in brackets.


Example: There’s no more 0 ___________ (home) to do. homework


The Big Day Arrives


At last it’s here: tomorrow is Exam Day. There’s no more 0 ____________ (home) to do, you have done lots of 1 ________________ (revise) and you’ve had plenty of

2 _______________ (use) practice with past papers. You’ve finished the course. So what should you do now? Probably the least 3 _______________ (advice) course of action would be to carry on 4 ________________ (study) late into the night, trying 5 _________________ (desperate) to learn things you should have learned long ago and waking in the morning with an awful 6 _________________ (head). A far better idea is to practise, as a singer or a

7 __________________ (music) does, what you already know. In order not to feel

8 _________________ (sleep) the next day, go to bed early and get up at your usual time. You may be a little bit 9 ________________ (nerve), but that is probably just a sign of your 10 _______________ (determine) to do well in the exam.


Guess who these quotations belong to.


1. All the world’s a stage.

2. England is a nation of shopkeepers!

3. If the British can survive their meals, they can survive anything.

4. Coffee in England always tastes like a chemistry experiment.

5. There is in the Englishman a combination of qualities, a modesty, an independence, a responsibility….


a) Napoleon Bonaparte

b) George Bernard Shaw

c) William Shakespeare

d) Agatha Christie

e) Charles Dickens


1 2 3 4 5



3. Match the English and Russian idioms.

1. to be under smb’s thumb a) ради бога
2. to be a thorn in smb’s side b) брать голыми руками
3. let it be so c) как бы то ни было
4. nothing to speak of d) под башмаком
5. for goodness’ sake e) не бог весть что
6. to win hands down f) была не была!
7. to touch smb’s heart g) взять себя в руки
8. to pull oneself together h) бог с тобой
9. come hell or high water! I) брать за душу

10. be that as it may

j) бельмо на глазу


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Put the adjectives in order.


Example: adventure exciting action-packed book

an exciting action-packed adventure book


1. red new lovely little toy


2. old ugly thin man


3. Chinese beautiful porcelain vase


4. American musical new film


5. oil 18th century lovely painting


Choose the correct answer for each question.


1. Who is a symbol of the British nation?

A) Uncle Sam

В) John Bull

C) Winston Churchill

2. The colour that represents Ireland is ____________.     

A) green В) red     C) yellow

3. Where is Glasgow situated?

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A) in Scotland В) in Wales    C) in England

4. What’s the name of the British flag?

A) Star-Spangled Banner

В) Stripes and Stars

C) Union Jack

5. Where is Ben Nevis situated?

A) in Scotland  В) in Wales

C) in England   D) in Northern Ireland

6. What is Eisteddfod?

A) a county     В)    a dish

C) a festival    D)    a dance

7. The Romans first invaded Britain in   .

A) the 5th century AD В) the 5th century BC   C) the 1st century BC

8. The famous British newspaper which is printed on pink paper is      .

A) The Times                В) The Guardian            C) The Financial Times

9. Stonehenge is about __________ years old.

 A) 40    В) 400 C) 4000

10. The Irish Sea is ____________.

A) to the east of England   В) to the west of England C to the north of England

C) to the north of England


Read the text and choose the correct answer.


Skye is located off Scotland’s northwest coast, some 184 km from Glasgow. The island measures 77 km in length and 38 km at its widest. The largest island in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, Skye covers an area of 1, 740 sq km, about half the size of the state of Rhode Island in the USA. Skye’s landscape is dominated by the spectacular Black Cuillin Hills, which an English journalist H. V. Morton (1892-1979) described in his book in Search of Scotland. ‘Imagine Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries frozen in stone and hung up like a colossal screen against the sky. It seems as if Nature when she hurled the Cuillins up said: “I will make mountains which shall be the essence of all that can be terrible in mountains.’”

According to legend, the island, once flat, was inhabited by CailleachBhur, the goddess of winter. She had enslaved a beautiful girl, the sweetheart of spring, who appealed to the sun for help. In response, the angry sun buried his burning spear at CailleachBhur as she rode across Skye. But he missed his mark and destroyed the landscape which broke into a range of hills — the Cuillins. Skye’s inhabitants often tell this tale to explain the curious fact that these hills are rarely snow-covered, even in winter. When surrounding hills are covered with snow, the Black Cuillins stand dark against the sky.

Twenty peaks feature in the Black Cuillins, 15 of them more than 914 m in height. The tallest, Sgur Alasdair, stands 1, 009 in high. The peaks came into existence some 50 million years ago. The Red Cuillin Hills, some 16 km to the east are more rounded than the Black Cuillins. The south of the island stands the unusual rock known as the old Man of Storr. Both these formations had their beginnings 10, 000 years ago.

Little of Skye’s landscape can support the barley, oats and other crops grown elsewhere in Scotland. Areas of human settlement occur only rarely. Thousands of seabirds nest on the island’s coast and shore. The puffin which nests on dangerous rocks, can catch small fish in great numbers. It is not unusual for a puffin to return to its nest with as many as 14 fish in its mouth. Yet Skye’s puffin population is far from growing due largely to the attacks of lesser black-backed gulls which rob the puffins of their catch before they can reach their nests to feed their young.


1. Which of the following is true?

A) Skye is located on Scotland’s northwest coast.

В) Skye is the largest hill area in Scotland.

C) Skye, the largest island in Inner Hebrides, dominate» over Scotland.

D) The state of Rhode Island is about twice as big as Skye.

2. According to legend

A) the sun got angry with a beautiful girl who had become the sweetheart of spring.

В) the goddess of winter was enslaved by the sun.

C) CailleachBhur terribly missed the sun.

D) the angry sun made the Black Cuillins almost never snowcovered.

3. What is not typical of Skye?

A) The average height of the mountains is about 1000 m.

В) The peaks are quite old, dating back millions of years.

C) There are many areas of human settlement there.

D) Local people grow mostly barley and oats.

4. It follows from the text that Black Cuillins could hardly be described as

A) terrifying.

В) inviting and inspiring.

C) dark and gloomy.

D) a screen against the sky.

5. The author states that it is usual for a puffin

A) to eat about 14 small fish at once.

В) not to return to its nest.

C) to catch quite a number of small fish.

D) to be caught by black-backed gulls.



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